We Plan, You Plant

Our “We Plan, You Plant” landscape design service is for the Do-It-Yourselfers that want to achieve a professional look without having to wait. Bring your measurements and photos of the area you would like to transform to the Garden Center.

After a fun-filled, informative tour, you will leave with a complimentary design sketch and the materials you need to tackle your weekend project. You will also get your own planting and watering lesson before you leave!

  • The complimentary design sketch is hand drawn and personalized to your project.
  • No appointment necessary! We Plan, You Plant Consultants are on duty every day so you can get your project started right away.
  • Let us load your vehicle with all the materials you need. Don’t get dirty until you get home!

  • Do you have a larger DIY project? The We Plan, You Plant service breaks it into bite size pieces so you can accomplish your different areas one weekend at a time.

    Want Harder & Warner to do the dirty work? Book an appointment with a Senior Landscape Designer for an at home consultation. Any project you can imagine, we can build it for you. Fees may apply.