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Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is considered High Art. It is a celebration of the senses, a marriage of art and nature. Dating back to the 7th century, the creator utilizes a unique combination of rocks, water, sand, paths, stepping stones, and prized plants to craft a setting of absolute tranquility. It embraces paths to walk, benches to sit and areas to simply meditate.

It emulates the teachings of Buddha who contemplated the human condition and achieved spiritual enlightenment. Harder and Warner Landscaping has created the ultimate Japanese Garden working in tandem with an enlightened client with a true vision. Viewed from a dozen different access points, it is a landscape in motion with each view even more spectacular than the last!

The gentle bubbling of the water, the scent of the green plants and the contrast of hardscapes and textured sands satiate the senses and feed the spirit. The owners are thrilled with the results and have titled our designer "Monet with a shovel".