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Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk

Grand Rapids Press, October 11,2010

GRAND RAPIDS -- Two of Fredrick Prescott's life-sized elephants sculptures from tenth-place-winning ArtPrize entry "Elephant Walk" are moving today to Harder & Warner Landscaping and Garden Center, 6464 Broadmoor Ave. SE, their new permanent home this afternoon.

Owner and manager Archie Warner purchased the mama and baby elephant from the three-piece, $7,000-winning entry, as well as a teenage elephant. He also purchased two kinetic giraffe sculptures.

All five will be displayed together on the front lawn of the gardening center "so everyone can enjoy them," Archie's wife Kathy Warner, 60, said.

"Everyday they'll wave to you, and you can wave back," she said. "They're so interactive."

She said her husband felt it was important to share the elephants, a symbol of ArtPrize, with the public.

"We did it more to keep them in Grand Rapids," said Kathy, declining to reveal the price tag of all five pieces.

Giraffes at office

The 65-year-old gardening venue is open year-round. Currently, they offer free hayrides, hot dogs and scavenger huntson Saturdays. A free "Great Candy Drop" for kids will be held on Oct. 30.

Brian Prescott, Fredrick's brother, said the large papa elephant costs $80,000. The artist also brought two trailers worth of animals -- at least 25 pieces -- while they tour the country for shows. The base price of the available animals in town is $9,500. No one else in the region has purchased any of the animals, he said.

Prescott said he's just glad some of the animals are being adopted locally.

"When they get displayed out there, they're going to landscape around them," he said.

Prescott said his brother will return for ArtPrize 2011.

"Absolutely, we're looking forward to it," he said. "It's just been an awesome experience being here."

The Santa Fe, N.M., artist has completed whimsical, fun works for stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Oprah Winfrey and Sandra Day O'Connor.